Avatars Who Came to Earth

On Sunday, May 7, 2017 Allan Jaggard gave a captivating lecture called ‘Avatars Who Came to Earth’ at the Toronto Centre to 12 attentive people, 4 of them first-timers. He stressed throughout the presentation that truths such as these need to be firmly rooted in the ‘fertile gardens’ of one’s mind and constantly and diligently nurtured or they fade away, and that action in the light of these truths is essential. He opened up the floor to the audience at the end for a brisk Q&A period which led to him revealing some ‘proofs’ validating of our Master’s contact and people seemed like they didn’t want to leave but stayed for an extra 1/2 hour, because they were so interested.
Some Meetup comments on the Spiritual Awakening site:

“Very interesting presentation.”

“Fascinating lecture!   I really enjoyed Allan’s talk. I thought the topic was excellent. He is so well spoken and easy to follow. Thank you Allan and the Aetherius Society!”

“Excellent. 5 stars.”

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