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Nine-Freedoms-book-cover •The Nine Freedoms – An authoritative metaphysical treatise on the progress through Ascension to Cosmic Existence – By Dr. George King
•This remarkable book reveals the secrets of mastering the wheel of rebirth on Earth – leading to Ascension and even beyond. The mysteries of life after death, higher states of consciousness, kundalini, chakras, karma, Ascended Masters, cosmic initiations, Atlantis, Lemuria, Maldek and life on other planets – are explained simply and concisely. The book consists of nine sacred texts given by a cosmic intelligence known as Mars Sector 6 through the mediumship of Dr. George King, and also contains detailed commentaries by Dr. King.
•Hardback; 200 pages.

     The Nine Freedoms book $30.00CAD (+ shipping)


realize-your-inner-potential-uk-book •Realise Your Inner Potential – A spiritual handbook for a new age
•By Dr. George King and Richard Lawrence – Second edition (published in UK)
•This is one of the finest books on spiritual development available in the world today. Containing seven key initiations, you will be introduced to more than 40 carefully-devised practices which will enhance spiritual awareness and psychic ability, and make you a better channel for healing power. Drawing on the ancient yogas and western mysticism, many of the techniques in this book date back thousands of years, but they have been put together and explained in such a way as to be simple to use and entirely practical for modern living.
•Softback; 242 pages.

      Realise Your Inner Potential book $25.00CAD (+ shipping)

twelve-blessings-book1 •The Twelve Blessings – The cosmic concept as given by The Master Jesus, delivered through Dr. George King
•This beautifully-presented gold-colored hardback contains twelve inspirational blessings given by the Cosmic Master we knew as Jesus, through the mediumship of Dr. George King.
•Each blessing focuses either on spiritual workers, such as “they who work for peace”, or great Divine beings, like the Mother Earth. As well as being filled with revelations about the wondrous cosmos in which we live, The Twelve Blessings is also a spiritual practice in itself. Taking as little as ten minutes a day, experiencing the magic of the blessings will make you a better channel for spiritual energy and even improve your karma. But most importantly of all this sacred practice will help send light, healing and inspiration out into the ethers of our troubled world.
•Hardback; 63 pages.

     The Twelve Blessings book $19.00CAD (+ shipping)


you-too-can-heal-book[1] •You Too Can Heal – An illustrated explanation of a well-tried technique of spiritual healing which anyone can use. By Dr. George King D.D.
•“Miracles are not performed by God for man, but by man for God” – so said Dr. George King who revolutionized the spiritual healing movement with the publication of You Too Can Heal in 1976.
•The brilliantly simple techniques outlined in this book will teach you how to give both contact and absent healing – as well as self-healing – in a way that is safe and easy to learn. This is not faith healing, but a way of invoking and directing spiritual energy through visualization, which is the cornerstone of mystic Christianity – and a sure path to psychic development and spiritual joy.
•Softback; 133 pages.

      You Too Can Heal book $18.00CAD (+ shipping)


•The Magic of Healing – Heal yourself and others with these ancient and modern healing techniques. By Richard Lawrence
•Spiritual healing is not the gift of the few – but something we can all learn and practice. In this book you will learn simple techniques for contact healing, distance healing, self-healing and world healing – based on the principles of natural universal energy – also known as ch’i, ki, or prana flowing through the chakras.
•Softback; 232 pages.

     The Magic Of Healing book $20.00CAD (+ shipping)

Pendulum clear •Pendulum – Hand-made, easy to use, multi-purpose, beech wood with silk cord. Simple instructions included.
•The pendulum is an excellent tool to help you to develop your intuition and psychic abilities – accessing both the subconscious and superconscious aspects of our minds. Having established which way it swings for yes and no, you can then go on to ask it questions that you do not know the answer to.This pendulum was designed by Dr. George King, an expert in the field of radionics and shape power, who knew exactly how the pendulum works. They are made of beech and have a silk cord. These materials have been chosen because they do not hold on to energy in the way that certain other substances do. *Please note that while the pendulum is an excellent tool for spiritual development, results do vary and cannot be guaranteed. The pendulum is of course not suitable for use in major or life-changing decisions.

     Pendulum $22.00CAD (+ shipping)

holy-mountains-of-the-world-book •The Holy Mountains of the World – Charged in Operation Starlight. Edited by The Rev. Charles Abrahamson
•For aeons, mountains have been regarded as places of spiritual significance – whether because of their proximity to the heavens, their natural beauty, or simply their awe-inspiring magnitude. The refuge of hermits, ascetics, yogis and mystics of all kinds – and places of pilgrimage for the faithful seeking spiritual calm away from their turbulent city lives. What is seldom appreciated, however, is that there are certain holy mountains around the world which actually contain tangible sacred power – which can be harnessed and sent out through prayer, mantra and other holy rituals. This book is an introduction to 19 such gems in the body of Earth – places which Ascended Masters and beings from beyond Earth have imbued with spiritual energy, which anyone with pure motive can access and radiate to those in need – without in any way depleting the total amount of energy in the mountain!
•Charles Abrahamson worked closely with Dr. George King for decades and was on two phases of Operation Starlight (1958-1961) – during which the mountains Mount Tallac and Castle Peak in the USA were charged with spiritual energy by Cosmic Masters with Dr. King as their channel. Softback; 129 pages.

   The Holy Mountains Of The World $17.00CAD (+ shipping)


contacts-with-gods-from-space-book •Contacts With The Gods From Space – Pathway To The New Millennium. By Dr. George King, with Richard Lawrence
•This fascinating book explains the seemingly unexplainable, introducing an array of mind-blowing spiritual revelations on subjects including: life beyond Earth, UFOs, mediumship, the dangers of nuclear power, religion, karma, reincarnation, Atlantis, Lemuria, Maldek, Cosmic Missions, Ascended Masters, life after death, spiritual energy, holy mountains, spiritual ecology, prophecy and even the future of life on Earth!
•Softback; 160 pages.

     Contacts With The Gods From Space $17.00CA (+ shipping)


contact-your-higher-self-through-yoga-book •Contact Your Higher Self through Yoga By Dr. George King
•The numerous benefits reported by practitioners of yoga breathing include: increased vitality and alertness; better control of stress; more natural sleep; greater confidence and positive thinking; improved concentration, memory and psychic ability; and most important of all – stronger awareness of the Inner Self which knows the answers to all our problems and our purpose in life. This simple and complete series of ancient yoga breathings put together by Dr. George King for Westerners is a powerful way to speed up your journey to enlightenment.
•Booklet; 30 pages.

     Contact Your Higher Self Through Yoga $5.00CA(+shipping)