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Allan Jaggard was one of the founding members of The Toronto Centre of The Aetherius Society in 1981, and is currently the publicity and media spokesperson. He has lectured for the past 32 years on various subjects relating to UFOs, government cover-up and the Cosmic Message. He is also well versed in spiritual and scientific subjects such as the Power of Prayer, Spiritual Healing, Karma & Reincarnation, plus controversial subjects such as different Realms, Dimensions and the Multiverse. He was the main promoter of the Disclosure Project which took place at Convocation Hall and brought in over 800 people. He has appeared numerous times on different television & radio shows over the years as well as lectured at many public events. Allan is always interested in spreading the Truth about UFOs and the information of The Aetherius Society and relishes in the opportunities to present his deep knowledge of this unique organization presenting its astounding information and backing the validity of its founder Sir George King’s claims with mind bending evidence.