Life After Death Explained

Sun Dec, 3rd 1:30pm-4pm

$10 per person


The Aetherius Society

1300 Britannia Rd E Ste 202, Mississauga, ON (map)

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Healing Course

Sat Nov, 25th 9am-5pm

$100 per person


The Aetherius Society

1300 Britannia Rd E Ste 202, Mississauga, ON (map)

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Upcoming Events!

The Toronto Group of The Aetherius Society runs regular events within the GTA community.


July 5th 8pm – 9pm

The Aetherius Society

1300 Britannia Rd E Ste 202, Mississauga, ON (map)

There are four periods every year known as Spiritual Pushes – each about a month long – during which an extraterrestrial satellite, known as Satellite Number 3, is in orbit of Earth. The Aetherius Society has known about, cooperated with and promoted these periods worldwide since 1955 and is still doing so. This Satellite is under the command of advanced Cosmic Intelligences, who have been helping our world for thousands of years.

During the first and last hour of every Spiritual Push, people around the world join together to tune into this very special energy and – more importantly – they use it to radiate love to the world through dynamic prayer and mantra.

During these periods this craft beams down certain energies which make all spiritual actions 3000 times more potent in terms of their benefit to the world as a whole. So for every prayer you say during a Spiritual Push you are sending out 3000 times as much energy as when you say the same prayer outside of a Spiritual Push.

To access this energy, all you need is a genuinely pure motive which you put into action through Service to others. Come along to this dynamic Power Circle and experience the outpouring of Spiritual Energy through you for our World!


Current Blogs

‘Technology Meets Spirituality-A Metaphysical Breakthrough’ in Toronto

On Saturday, September 30th, 2017, The Toronto Group held an outstanding lecture and demonstration at our Centre, co-presented by Allan Jaggard and Guest-lecturer Dave Capraro from the Michigan Branch. It was a brilliant and interesting exposition on the topic of Operation Prayer Power, giving a...Read More »

Cosmic Spirituality in the light of Scientific Discovery

On Saturday, June 3, 2017 Paul Nugent and Dave Capraro gave the most wonderful, inspiring presentation at the Toronto Centre to 25 attentive people called ‘Cosmic Spirituality in the light of Scientific Discovery’. (only 9 were Members). Both Dave and Paul  were enthusiastic and vibrant...Read More »

Avatars Who Came to Earth

On Sunday, May 7, 2017 Allan Jaggard gave a captivating lecture called ‘Avatars Who Came to Earth’ at the Toronto Centre to 12 attentive people, 4 of them first-timers. He stressed throughout the presentation that truths such as these need to be firmly rooted in...Read More »

Earth Changes

On Sunday March 19th, 2017 Allan Jaggard gave an enthusiastic and compelling presentation to 12 people who were all very attentive and fascinated. He had done extensive research and was confident and concise delivering the background information and proofs of the prophecies made through our...Read More »

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The Cosmic Message



Learn To Heal


  • Based on the unique technique developed by Dr. George King
  • Learn why healing is an innate ability within all of us and not just a gift granted to a few
  • Practice Healing on others in a workshop environment to gain the experience you need going forward!

Important Dates

Primary Initiation of Earth

July 8th

Spiritual Push Dates

1st Hour 8pm April 18th
-Through to-
Last Hour 7pm May 23rd
1st Hour 8pm July 5th
-Through to-
Last Hour 7pm Aug 5th
1st Hour 8pm Sept 3rd
-Through to-
Last Hour 7pm Oct 9th
1st Hour 7pm Nov 4th
-Through to-
Last Hour 6pm Dec 10th


 “Mr. Jaggard is an awesome speaker!  He begins with the universals – the bigger picture of things- then goes into the particular, which is the topic at hand.  This is to let us see how the small part is related to the whole.  A fresh way to learn, in the midst of all the crazy compartmentalization that is happening in our society.  This is truly an esoteric approach (deductive):  the way our great philosophers in the ancient Greek mystery schools transmitted knowledge.  Thanks to the Aetherius Society and Mr. Jaggard.”

A beautiful 5-star experience–thanks very much Allan for this wonderful & informative evening!”

Very good!!”

“It was fantastic & fascinating. I wanted more.”